I know! I know! it’s almost Christmas and I am barely getting my Thanksgiving post up. But, one of my favorite sayings is going to be my motto for the night.


So this Thanksgiving I reached out and told all primos that I wanted to make it a bit special , a little fancier and just create some amazing memories and traditions. I have a huge Mexican family so it’s not easy for me to figure out how to feed so many of us let alone table settings, invites, decor, etc. But, if you know me you know I am very frugal and very resourceful so somehow it all works out.

I ended up emailing everyone this year to contribute whatever they can to allow my brother and myself to cook up a pretty delicious feast. Along with the usual fixings we had the usual mexican add ons from tamales, pozole, chili rellenos, and the tasty mexican version of hot chocolate called champurado. Food has always been the easy part. This year I wanted the atmosphere to match the taste.

The weather was a brutal 90 degrees during the day so it made for a perfect outdoor dinner setting. I sadly couldn’t fit everyone outside so I did have a kids table and an aunt and uncle table indoors. For decor I kept it very rustic. I saved all my Health-Ade Kombucha bottles to add a very simple but memorable statement. All the greenery was foraged by my mother-in-law and other family members. I WILL NEVER SHOP FOR GREENERY. It’s everywhere, and thankfully my sister-in-law is the queen of green so I have been able to learn a few pointers for her. So here is my a recap of my wonderful, beautiful, amazing Thanksgiving with my crazy family.


The outdoor seating couldnt have been more perfect for all of us!


I set a small appetizer table aside with just enough to tie you over but , I mean its THANKSGIVING! No one should be full off appetizers. IMG_0072thanksgiving2017

I mixed and matched all the plates I could find so we didn’t have to use plastic ones. It add a nicer touch but the clean up is a handful.


Hopefully my neighbors doesn’t miss his ornamental grasses, that clearly needed to be trimmed and added the perfect touch.


The food was pretty much endless. IMG_0046thanksgiving2017IMG_0013thanksgiving2017IMG_0061thanksgiving2017IMG_0015thanksgiving2017thankgsgving2017thanksgiving2017

Set up a chalk board outside so everyone could write a little something. I am pretty sure this will be our new tradition. I still walk outside to read what everyone wrote. IMG_0043thanksgiving2017IMG_0086thanksgiving2017

When I said I had a big family, I ment it. IMG_0055thanksgiving2017IMG_0102thanksgiving2017


Hope you enjoyed my THANKSGIVING recap, now to get ready for Christmas!




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