Playhouse Make-Over

I recently found a playhouse for the kids and once we brought it home I knew I wanted to make it over. Not that it wasn’t cute or anything I just needed to be extra. I took to Pinterest like everything else to spark some ideas.  Wasn’t even a second in before I knew I wanted to paint it black and white. So that’s what I did!

I read a few blog post that specified painting before building but we had already built the house so I was a little discourage but, then thought to myself ….THEY’RE KIDS. I cared more than anyone if it wasn’t perfect.  So I just went for it. Unscrewed the door and took out the windows. Painted the house white with rollers and a brush and some outdoor white paint. I spray painted the windows and accessories with black paint. I had, had an extra planter box which fit perfectly under the window and screwed it in. Took a few hours but the turn out was worth it. I love looking at it. I highly recommend a play house make over!


Here is the before.


and the AFTER!


I planted Strawberries in the planter and have a citronella plant to keep away mosquitos.



I want to do something to floor. I got some great ideas like chalk paint, checker board and a few others I just haven’t figured it out.



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