luella turns four


Luella turned 4 and ocean was calling for us to celebrate! My little lady is growing and growing fast! Last year this troopers spent her birthday in the hospital. Which only means I had to make it up to her in the only way I know how….a PARTY!

Although times are a bit weird lately due to EVERYTHING and things feel so uncertain that we desperately needed life to feel normal. So we celebrated our little lady with all things Moana inspired. As much as I wanted to throw a huge party and invite the whole neighbor hood. I reeled it in and made sure it was all about Luella. Then again her mother is very EXTRA so this is how it turned out.

I did make things easy by not making any food and that was fantastic! I just reached out to friends and family and hired a few people to get their hands dirty for me and I’d do it again. Even if we did hired a taco guys that didn’t show up !!! So I had to send my husband out last minute. Yes, this happened.

The amazing cake are made by a very talented friend Stacy.

Which you can order here- @Patchoulislut

Cake pops made by @ASweetBowtique

Strawberries by @Arleneeberries

The decor was 99% from amazon and the rest was just random stuff I found , had or borrowed. I wanted to have as much greenery as possible to make things feel tropical. These amazon purchases were not only affordable but came out so cute! You can see them on the tables and hanging around. I found netting and coconut cups at Dollar Tree which added such cute details.

My talented sister in law Kat made this beautiful Luella sign.

I also wanted to make “A boat!” (Maui voice). So I had my father-in-law bring over some pallets, made a flag from some burlap-ish fabric I found for pennies at Walmart (along with netting from dollar tree) and a Pua from amazon.

For kids fun I set up a slime station and had my 13 year old help out. I also set up a coloring station, face paint and rented a princess jumper. Kona Ice truck stop by before the big surprise!

The BIG SURPRISE was when Moana and Maui stopped in for a visit. Luella’s eyes lit up! She was beyond happy that she sobbed when they left! If you ask her what her favorite part of her birthday… “Moana”.

My husband had a brilliant idea to buy the heart of tefiti necklace and have them gift it to her…. my heart melted.

So to wrap things up, it was a success. I know things aren’t “normal” lately and everyone is just trying to get by with out a panic attack but, it was nice to have everything feel SO GOOD.

Just a reminder, it will get better. Until then, enjoy time with the ones you love.

Behind every good party is a pack of white claws. Just kidding there’s a village for family and friends that help make it happen. You know who you are, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.


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